Bio2Future PhD Summer School - bioeconomy courses for postgraduates

We are currently at the cusp of a new industrial revolution. The bioeconomy refers to the production value chains that rely on natural biomaterials including wood, biomass and other lignocellulosic materials. Since plant-based raw materials are generated naturally throughout the planet, and have excellent material and recycling properties, the bioeconomy will allow for the sustainable production of advanced products. The development of new bioproducts and processes will require skilled engineers who have deep knowledge of biomaterials and familiarity with the latest technologies and scientific understanding.

Aalto University is launching a summer school to support PhD students who are studying bioeconomy-related subjects. Bio2Future will offer 1-2 high-level postgraduate courses each summer in a range of current subject areas. The courses are free of charge to full-time PhD students. Scientists at research centers or companies will be charged a course fee. The courses will feature international speakers, a nice venue and the chance to network with your future peers. Each course will be unique and only offered once. However, a list of the upcoming 4 courses will be maintained, so students can consider these for their own doctoral education program.

The first course Nanocellulose: relationship between fundamentals and applications will be held on 20-24 August, 2018 in Helsinki.


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